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Ever wonder what happened to certain characters on The West Wing? Where did Gina go after the hospital? Did Will Sawyer find a better reporting gig? What is Danny doing now? And Carol -- is she still in the White House?

This ficathon will give participants a chance to fill in those blanks and to give minor, missing characters a chance to come back to the fandom.

1. Stories must be between 250-1000 words in length. No drabbles and no novels, please. Everything should be behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to use one, look through this FAQ

2. Stories should also include this header:

3. The deadline to sign up/get your challenge is September 20, 2005. The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2005. All stories should be posted in this community first. Then, they're free to go wherever.

4. In order to get your challenge, you must first be a member of this community. Then, you can go to here. Fill out the appropriate meme -- slash if you'd like to write slash fic, for instance -- and then post the results in a new, friends-only post to the community. Those results will be your guidelines for writing your piece of fiction. Please don't be discouraged if you don't get the pairing you'd like -- use this as a chance to hone your craft. The story doesn't necessarily have to be romantic! Experiment!

if you'd like to do one of each category, feel free... just paste the other memegen results in that post, and remember that all fiction has to be in before the deadline!

5. 38gnihsurc, your dedicated moderator, reserves the right to ban users and/or fiction that don't meet the requirements of the journal or abuse posting access here.

6. When rating your fiction, please use the following ratings so there is a consistent system for readers: gee, pea.gee, pea.gee.xiii, arr, en.sea.xvii

7. Feel free to pimp this challenge out -- the more participants, the more characters that get to come back to life!

8. Any questions? Just contact 38gnihsurc!

Missing Characters: Meeshel Anders, Ellie Bartlet, Angela Blake, Bonnie, one of the Communications' assistants, Cassie and the Laurens, Cathy, one of the Communications' assistants (predominantly Sam's), Daisy, Mandy's assistant, Carol Fitzpatrick, Ginger, one of the Communications' assistants, Mandy Hampton, Ainsley Hayes, Jordan Kendall, Delores Landingham, Evelyn Lang, Karen Larson, Laurie, Sam's friend, Mary Marsh, Jenny McGarry, Josie McGarry, Mallory McGarry, Nancy McNally, Becky Reeseman, Rina, Toby's research assistant, Lisa Sherborne, Ann Stark, Connie Tate, Gina Toscano, Celia Walton, Andi Wyatt, Molly Wyatt-Ziegler // Nicholas Alexander, Marco Arlens, Oliver Babish, Ron Butterfield, Mike Casper, Danny Concannon, Talmidge Cregg, Albie Duncan, Ben Dryer, Percy Fitzwallace, Mark Gottfried, Stanley Keyworth, Al Kiefer, Roberto Mendoza, Chris Mulready, Steve Onorato, Jack Reese, Will Sawyer, Sam Seaborn, Matt Skinner, Lionel Tribbey, Doug Wegland, Tad Whitney, Huck Wyatt-Ziegler

Central Characters: Abbey Bartlet, Liz Bartlet, Zoey Bartlet, CJ Cregg, Amy Gardner, Kate Harper, Joey Lucas, Margaret, Leo's and CJ's assistant, Donna Moss, Helen Santos, Annabeth Schott // Will Bailey, Jed Bartlet, Greg Brock, Cliff Calley, Bruno Gianelli, John Hoynes, Josh Lyman, John Marbury, Leo McGarry, Bob Russell, Matt Santos, Kenny Thurman, Arnold Vinnick, Charlie Young, Toby Ziegler