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missing no more ficathon
the island of lost tww characters
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tww - richard giggling hotness
Title: I And This Mystery Here We Stand
Author: Maeve
Rating: arr
Pairing: Toby/Ann Stark
Spoilers: The Leadership Breakfast (minor)
Disclaimer: Toby and Ann belong to someone else.
The title is from Whitman, Song of Myself.
This would take place after Bartlet is re-elected.

This is our relationship.Collapse )
22nd-Aug-2005 07:08 pm - the count so far...
tww - toby - we're nowhere!
Slash Memes: 1
Femslash Memes: 4
Het Memes: 4

I'm thrilled -- and reeeeally interested to see how these stories turn out. *waves pompoms*
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