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missing no more ficathon
the island of lost tww characters
Femslash Fic: CJ/Carol, with Abbey 
5th-Nov-2005 06:02 pm
tww - toby - we're nowhere!
TITLE: Caught in the Act
AUTHOR: 38gnihsurc
PAIRING: CJ/Carol, with the potential for CJ/Carol/Abbey
RATING: arr for adult situations. borderline en.sea.xvii, but it's not incredibly graphic.
SPOILERS: Early season 6
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anyone. Clearly.
NOTES: I don't know... I'm trying to get these challenges finished, but I think the push is draining on my muse, or something.

She had intended to knock on CJ's door—the door in the tiny space between the Chief of Staff's and her husband's offices---but the tone of the voice on the other side of the wood made her stop and reconsider.

"I miss you."

Abbey's eyebrows jumped up; her curiosity was piqued.

"Well," CJ replied to Carol's statement in a calm voice---a voice that was much calmer than Carol's, which seemed to have a waver of stress in it. "I know working for Toby isn't that fun, but I don't think I'm ready to do this without Margaret to---"

"No," Carol interrupted. "I mean... I miss you."


A smile tugged at Abbey's lips. Very quietly, she closed the door of the Oval Office and after enveloping herself in darkness, she inched towards the Chief of Staff's door. She knew deep down that she shouldn't be listening---because it seemed to be a relatively personal conversation. But, that was the appeal in listening; the First Lady always had an attraction to gossip.

Carol stammered; then she cleared her throat. "Never mind, I just---"

"You miss me?" CJ echoed, in a voice that was so deep that it gave Abbey a little chill.

"I..." Carol tried to respond, but she trailed off. "Working for you is fun."

"Sure it is," CJ murmured. "C'mon in and sit. Close the door. We can hang out for a---"

Carol cut her off. Abbey heard the door shut, and then Carol continued talking. "No... I mean, it's fun to work for you, but... but the other stuff. I--- I know a lot has happened since we talked---"

"Carol? You okay?"

"I'm not working for you anymore," Carol said so quietly that Abbey had to really strain to make the sentence out.

CJ didn't hear her, because she asked, "What?"

"I'm not working for you anymore," Carol expelled with a bit more force. She sounded very flustered, and all of a sudden, Abbey realised how personal a conversation she was eavesdropping upon.


"Yeah," Carol mumbled.

"So... you still want to."

Abbey held her breath.

"God, yeah," Carol breathed.

There was a long pause before CJ said, "Me, too."

Abbey exhaled slowly, and leaned against the wall as she processed what she was hearing.

Carol spoke up, sounding nervous. "I thought you were---"

"Margaret told you about Tommy."

"I saw the sneaker and the rose," Carol mumbled.

CJ sighed. "He's... he's just... he's... there. He's someone to call at the end of night," she said quietly. "I... he's nice."

"I'm nice," Carol reminded her.

"You are," CJ agreed. Abbey could hear the smile in her voice.

When she heard their first kiss, Abbey had to take a deep breath in a vain attempt to cool her flushed cheeks. CJ's little moan that followed their second kiss made sure that Abbey's blush was practically permanent.

"Now what?" Carol asked quietly.

"Well... I'd like to try that again," CJ replied, chuckling a bit. "But first... I'm going to lock the doors..."

"You have time?"

"The President went to the Residence about ten minutes ago," CJ told her. Abbey could hear her turning the locks. "Margaret's finishing up some filing for me. And Toby's writing a speech. Who on earth is going to bother me right now?"

"Me," Carol replied.

Both women laughed softly. Then, CJ said, "You're not a bother. You're something much better than that."


"Oh, yeah," the Chief of Staff replied. "Now... why don't you get more comfortable---"

"I'm not getting naked until you get naked."

"On the first date?" CJ teased. "What kind of girl do you think I am?"

"I know exactly what kind of girl you are," Carol shot back with a laugh. "And after too many years, it feels like we've been on a first date forever."

"Mmm... yeah," CJ agreed. "Are you sure---"

"I miss you," she repeated. "I want... I just want..."

"Me?" CJ finished for her.

"Quit that."

CJ laughed. Abbey found that the happy sound made her stomach tighten. She pressed more of her weight against the wall and took a deep breath in hopes to relax the knots that had somehow tied themselves.

"Quit what?" CJ asked. There was some shuffling in the office. Abbey's eyes bugged out of her head when she heard Carol whimper. Then, CJ purred, "This?"

"N-no... don't quit that," Carol mumbled. "I... god... I like---"


"Uh huh."

Abbey inhaled sharply and then she attempted to straighten herself up; when she smoothed her hands down over her blouse, she found that the friction wasn't helping. Carol made another low noise. Abbey bit her lip and blushed furiously as she gave in and opened two buttons of her shirt before slipping her hand inside against her chest.

"How about this?" CJ asked quietly. "If I put my hand---"

"Mmm... god... CJ, I---"

Abbey didn't hear the rest of Carol's soft plea. She had squeezed one of her breasts and heard nothing but her pulse pounding in her head.

Carol yelped sharply. Everyone fell silent. Abbey was certain that someone would knock to see if everyone was alright, and clearly the other two women did, too. They giggled after a minute of silence.

CJ finally said, "How about we move this to the couch?"

"Yeah... I don't think my legs..." Carol trailed off and giggled again.

CJ chuckled. "I love making you weak in the knees."

"It's my turn next," Carol warned quietly.

Abbey heard shuffling in the room, and then some noise against the wall as they sat down on the sofa. Her other hand was wandering down her body as the other two women resumed their repertoire of soft sighs, whimpers, and moans.

When Carol yelped again Abbey's fingers had found their mark, pushing past the soft silk of her underwear. She almost let out a yelp of her own; the image of CJ and Carol tangled up together was too much for her to process. She found herself wondering what it would be like to be between them. Questions like what do CJ's lips taste like?, does Carol blush easily?, how would their fingers feel against her skin? flooded her imagination.

Abbey bit her lip and pushed one finger inside of her, gently thrusting. She let her head fall back against the wall. As her legs trembled, she heard CJ mumbling quietly---but she couldn't make out the words.

Carol laughed. CJ whimpered and then she cried out. It was fairly quiet as far as climactic exclamations went, the First Lady thought, and Abbey wondered if CJ ever had sex in her office before.

That thought only provoked more tightenings and tremblings from within Abbey's core.

It wasn't until CJ had turned her focus onto Carol that Abbey really let herself go; she couldn't help but imagine CJ's lips and hands on her own body.

When Carol whimpered, Abbey bit her lip again and let her fingers push her over the edge. She strangled a whimper of her own, and struggled to stay upright even though her legs desperately wanted to give out.

"Oh, god," CJ breathed. "That was..."

"Worth the wait?" Carol asked.


Abbey chuckled breathlessly and tried to straighten herself up. She shook her head and suppressed a giggle; embarrassment and relief flooded her system. The women in the other room were cleaning up and talking quietly. Abbey turned and put her hand on the door to the Oval Office.

She opened the door and took a couple steps out of the small space. Before she could get onto the rug of her husband's office, the door behind her opened.

"Ma'am," CJ said brightly. "Did you want something?"

Abbey blushed as she turned around---she hoped the colour wasn't noticeable, but she knew it probably was. "Oh... no... it's not important, CJ. I'm sure you're busy."

"I was working on a little project," CJ said with a smile and a toss of her hair. Abbey noticed that her lips were a little swollen and she felt another tightening in her stomach. "I guess I didn't hear you knock... but... Carol's here, and we're hanging out, so, if you'd like to come in?"

"Oh.... no. I'll leave you two girls to... hang out." Abbey smiled more. "I'm just going to go up to the Residence."

CJ chuckled. "We could come with you. It'd be fun."

Abbey's eyes widened as CJ leaned in and whispered, "Of course, you'd have to be an active participate next time."

The End!

6th-Nov-2005 01:01 pm (UTC)
hehee wonderfully wicked!CJ I like it!
13th-Nov-2005 06:06 pm (UTC)
hee -- thanks :-)
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