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missing no more ficathon
the island of lost tww characters
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tww - toby - we're nowhere!
TITLE: Untitled Drabble Series
AUTHOR: 38gnihsurc
CHARACTERS: the missing character was Evelyn Lang, to be paired with John Marbury; Chris Mulready was the optional extra. I didn't want to leave him behind.
RATING: arr, for sexual situations
SPOILERS: The Supremes
DISCLAIMER: No one's mine.
NOTES: Yes, yes... I know... I'm really, reeeeeally late.

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5th-Nov-2005 06:02 pm - Femslash Fic: CJ/Carol, with Abbey
tww - toby - we're nowhere!
TITLE: Caught in the Act
AUTHOR: 38gnihsurc
PAIRING: CJ/Carol, with the potential for CJ/Carol/Abbey
RATING: arr for adult situations. borderline en.sea.xvii, but it's not incredibly graphic.
SPOILERS: Early season 6
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anyone. Clearly.
NOTES: I don't know... I'm trying to get these challenges finished, but I think the push is draining on my muse, or something.

She had intended to knock on CJ's door—the door in the tiny space between the Chief of Staff's and her husband's offices...Collapse )
31st-Oct-2005 04:09 pm - Note from your very sore mod.
tww - toby - we're nowhere!
I know the deadline's coming soon... but I wanted to tell those of you who still haven't posted (I don't know how many there are, because I'm entirely out of the loop right now) not to panic. I won't be enforcing the deadline like a strict, crazy lady.

The participants of the ficathon who are on my real life orientated lj flist know I've been having some medical issues, and they've really put me behind in the scheme of school and fandom. So, I won't be posting my fics on time, and I don't want to make everyone else post by the deadline if I'm not. Kind of hypocritical.

That being said, I'm really sorry if some of you busted your cute buts to get your fic posted by the deadline. You deserve applause, and I definitely appreciate your punctuality.

Your tender mod (who's slinking off to change her wound dressing)
30th-Oct-2005 10:39 pm - Two whole days before the deadline.
Title: Not Worth the Risk
Author: sweetly_savage
Rating: pea.gee.xiii
Pairing: Jordan/CJ
Spoilers: Bartlet for America, though not really.
Disclaimer: I wouldn't want them know, even if I could have them.
Summary/Notes/Warnings: She'd never been one to shy away from taking risks.

I had Jordan/CJ with the option of Josephine McGarry, so she makes an appearnace as well. I had hoped for more romance and less what it ended up as.

Not Worth the RiskCollapse )
31st-Oct-2005 12:10 am(no subject)
ITC: sexy Roy can take my pic anytime
Title: A Common Bond
Author: lzbrt
Rating: Gee
Characters: Ginger. Josh.
Spoilers: Through Memorial Day
Disclaimer: All theirs. Not mine.
Summary/Notes/Warnings: AU, short, sort of slashy and weird. :) Many thanks to ninefish for beta skills and support. <3

fic hereCollapse )
29th-Oct-2005 10:15 pm(no subject)
[FNL] hometown girl // elena_hepburn
Title: The Opposite of Fiction
Author: soaked_in_stars
Rating: gee
Characters: The Wyatt/Ziegler family, but mostly Toby and Huck.
Spoilers: Just the existence of Huck and Molly. Nothing specific beyond that.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary/Notes/Warnings: Thanks to crushing83 for setting up the ficathon, and ninefish for countless readthroughs and guidance.

The Opposite of FictionCollapse )
22nd-Oct-2005 07:13 pm - FIC: All the Nice Girls (Andi/Hoynes)
balance (by elismor)
Title: All the Nice Girls
Rating: arr?
Pairing: John Hoynes/Andi Wyatt (spelling provided by the memegen in keeping with my inability to commit *g*)
Spoilers: Full Disclosure
Disclaimer: I think everybody knows they're not mine.
Notes: Set in the latter days of the first campaign. Many thanks go out to the fabulous docfraiser8.

If mistakes came in flavours...Collapse )
19th-Oct-2005 05:07 am - Slash fic: Hoynes/Sam, with Kate.
tww - toby - we&#39;re nowhere!
Title: Secret Identities in a Dark Bar
Author: 38gnihsurc
Rating: pea.gee.xiii for adult situations
Pairing: John Hoynes/Sam Seaborne, Kate Harper
Spoilers: Nothing really. Life on Mars, for Hoynes' situation. General season 6 for Kate.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone -- I'm just playing with these people, and I'll put 'em back later!
Summary/Notes/Warnings: Slash, but not graphic. So, you've been warned. Also, I'm posting this at a late hour, and if there are big typos or generally bad writing bits, my tired eyes can't find 'em. So, I apologise for that :-\

She forgot how easy it was to melt into a sea of people, to wear a new disguise, to be someone other than Kate Harper...Collapse )
8th-Oct-2005 11:42 pm - just some admin stuff---
tww - toby - we&#39;re nowhere!
---basically to let you know i'm still alive ;p

&& the count so far &&

slash memes: 3
femslash memes: 8
het memes: 6
completed fic to date: 1

all fic is due november 1 -- don't forget!

10th-Sep-2005 12:08 pm - Just a little housekeeping...
tww - toby - we&#39;re nowhere!
September 20th is the last day to post your challenge meme results to the community!


and here's the count so far:

slash memes: 3
femslash memes: 7
het memes: 5

completed fic to date: 1
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